Join Bestum Stasmusikk?

Yes, of course you should join!

If you play an instrument, have breath and rhythm, a great joy of playing, and wish to share that joy with others, you are more than welcome.

Send us an email at or call someone on the board.

We practice at Bestum School every Wednesday from 19:30 to 22:00.
(Easter and other holidays don’t stop us, except for the summer vacation).

Feel free to drop by for an informal chat.

Some of our regular highlights are:

  • Seminar at Hadeland in January
  • 17th of May parade through Oslo together with Bestum School
  • Summer trips, often to festivals in Bad Bramsted, Sæby, or in Norway
  • Season opening with an outdoor concert in Vigelandsparken
  • Autumn concert with exciting themes and soloists
  • Christmas concert in Ullern Church that ensures a good Christmas spirit

But most importantly, we love to play

Being part of a band is more than just a leisure activity; it is a passion that spans a lifetime, a gateway to the world of music, and a community that offers new acquaintances and unforgettable experiences. In the band, there is room for everyone, but it also requires dedication and patience.

Mastering a musical instrument requires time and effort, and continuous practice is necessary. It takes more than just a few weeks or months to become proficient; it is a journey that demands endurance and dedication over time, throughout life.

Being part of a band means being part of a community that spans generations. Here, everyone is important, as the interaction between all members is crucial. Even the most talented musician cannot create a magical melody alone; it is the collaboration and camaraderie that give band music its power and beauty.

We create magical melodies together.