About us

Bestum Stasmusikk, often referred to as Stasen, was founded in 1987 and is an adult band with around 40 enthusiastic musicians. Our repertoire includes genres such as swing, jazz, classical, ballads, and more. Our repertoire.

Our motto is to spread joy through music, and we are very active on that front.

Stasen has celebrated jubilees every fifth year. On this page, Stasen’s history is presented in five-year blocks, allowing you to read about the experiences and efforts behind each of the medals that band members adorn themselves with on festive occasions.

The Stasen history from 1987-2007 was written by our former lead trumpeter Erik Bye. The history after 2007 is based on annual reports and the conductor’s summaries of the years and will be published as the years are completed. They are also grouped into five-year blocks, but the years leading up to the next jubilee in 2022 will be presented individually.